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Why Digital Marketing for Startups

Why Digital Marketing for Startups

‘88% of consumers research online before making a purchase—whether that purchase is online or in-store.

Let’s ponder over the above statistics for a minute. About 88% of people research online before purchasing online.

What does that have to do with your startup, right? Everything.

Imagine this

100 people need what you are selling. Out of these 100, 12 directly visit offline stores. 20 are brand loyal customers and they buy only from the brands they trust.
We are left with 70.
Out of 70, 2 are your customers and they buy from you.

Rest 66 people search online.

  • They search for recommendations.
  • They search for information.
  • They search for what people are saying about you.

Now imagine if they don’t find you online. Pretty scary number to lose, right? ( Especially when you consider the fact that it’s not only 100, but more than a million. That’s 6.6 lakh prospects you are losing there)

That’s where Digital Marketing comes in. *dramatic superhero music*


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is nothing but marketing online. Every principle of Marketing applies to Digital marketing.

It is educating, engaging, converting, and then retaining your customers.

Is Digital marketing important for startups?

The answer is obvious, YES.

In fact, Digital marketing is a boon for startups. It lets you compete with old, well-established companies without losing an arm and a leg.

7 reasons why Digital Marketing is important for startups

Apart from building your presence online, here are 7 reasons why your startup needs Digital Marketing

Inexpensive traffic

We took an example of how your prospects find you online. But that’s not all.

Others find you too.

  • Maybe they are casually browsing and come across
  • Maybe they see someone talk about it on forums

And these methods cost you nothing.

Inexpensive traffic

Global Reach

Suppose your business sells vegan dog food.

The number of people wanting to feed their dogs vegan food in your town may below. But what about your province?
What about your country?
And, how about the whole world?

With Digital Marketing, you can cater to a worldwide audience. Insane right?

Better ROI tracking

Digital marketing makes it extremely easy to track return on investments. Unlike traditional marketing, you don’t have to wait for the campaigns to end to track your ROI.

Basically, you can monitor and predict results live while running a campaign.

Better ROI

Real-time Engagement with Customers

Customer service is essential for a successful business. With Digital Marketing, you are able to answer customer questions, objections in real-time.

Every time you solve a customer objection, you gain a happy customer. Happy customers become your advocates, meaning- they bring in more people.

Easy testing

Ever created a billboard campaign paying hundreds of dollars and thought, ‘hey, what if the other idea works better?’?

Were you able to change it? Yeah, me neither.

Digital campaigns can be changed whenever you like.
Have a new idea? Sure
Think the image B would perform better? Cool

Unlimited tests without having to rebuild an entire campaign. Or a website.

Better Optimization

With Digital Marketing, it is easy to optimize already existing campaigns.

You can tweak one or all the elements of a campaign, replace the image, change the landing page structure, and a lot of crazy optimizations.

This way, you can rest assured that the campaign will do better than the previous version.

Better Optimization

Follow your prospects, wherever they go

There’s a saying that I like.

“ Don’t wait for the customers to come to you. Go to where they hang out.”

Digital Marketing makes it easy for you to reach where your prospects are.
On Facebook? Sure
Reddit, Instagram, Tumblr? Okay
Youtube, websites, Apps? Yes sir

When they see you everywhere, they trust you more.


No matter the nature and size of the business, if you don’t take Digital marketing seriously, you will lose in 2020 and beyond.

Make sure you win. Good Luck!

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