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30+ Instagram Marketing Tips for Brands in 2020

Instagram is the current sweetheart of every social media user out there. As of February 2019,
Instagram boasts over 1 billion active users, out of which, 500 million post Stories every single day.
Once used to be an immature sister of Facebook has now become the go-to place for business
owners, marketers, and artists. If your business is not on Instagram yet, you better have a valid
reason for it. Social media is a powerful tool to ignore. It has become a part of our lives. So, the
question is, how to use Instagram for business? How to grow your brand on IG? How to incorporate
Instagram marketing into your business strategy?

Well, that is what all this blog is about. Read on to know the best Instagram tips for business 2020.
Before you get started with Instagram marketing, you would require an Instagram for Business
account or an Instagram Creator account based on your purpose and objectives. The key difference
between Business and Creator accounts is that Instagram touted creator accounts to offer more
information and insights about audience growth/decline. This is ideal for influencers and artists. On
the other hand, business profiles enable you to see the overall growth from week to week. If you are
not sure of which option to go ahead with, please get in touch with us.

Instagram Growth and Monetization 4.0

1.Optimize your username

Your account is the basecamp of your marketing operations. The end-users should not scratch their
heads to remember what it is. Create a username that is easy to remember and relevant to your line
of work.

● Ensure you use the same name on every social media platform.

● The shorter, the better.

● IG allows numbers, periods, and special characters. But it does not seem professional. Keep it
simple and straight.

2.Optimize your Instagram logo

Make sure the logo or profile picture fits comfortably inside the IG block. The ideal size of the
The Instagram profile picture is 180×180 pixels.

3.Optimize your Profile

Do you know that it takes only two-tenths of a second for someone to get an opinion on business
online? Yeah, it sucks! This is why it is incredibly important to make a great first impression and the
straight way to make it happen is via your bio. In just about 150 characters, you’d have to tell the
audience who you are, what you are into, and why should anyone click on that blue Follow button.
We get it. That is a lot to ask from such a small space.

Fortunately, Digifyers – the leading Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore has got your back.
Instagram allows users to showcase what the business is all about in the following ways.

● Your name: 30 characters (included in the search)

● Username: A.K.A your IG handle (also appears in the search)

● Website: The only place Instagram allows users to share a clickable link is in the bio. You can
drive traffic to your website homepage or any specific landing page or whatever you want. Also,
you get the change the link as often as you like which is pretty awesome!

● Category: A business feature that tells the users what you are all about.

● Contact: Tell people where to find you.

● Call-to-Action(CTA): A way to interact with you directly from your profile.

4.Setting up a Business Account

Now the edge about the business account is that you get to your Instagram insights. Along with that,
you get to

● Run Instagram Ads

● Add email/phone number CTA

● Choose the niche

● Add links to your stories (if you have 10k+ followers)

5.Optimize your Bio

As we mentioned earlier, you only have 150 characters (including spaces) to tell your audience who
you are.

Make it quirky, catchy, and creative. You can use emojis and even some hashtags in your profile
biography. Just tell the end-users about yourself, your business, interests, etc.

6. Layout Speaks on your Behalf

You could establish your brand’s “look” on Instagram if you have an appealing layout. The look has to
be consistent across your posts which helps your followers recognize anywhere.

Make sure your posts have consistency in color scheme, look, and feel. Decide whether you wanna go
ahead with aesthetic or specific color such as black, white, green(anything related to your logo) or
puzzle grids, chess feed, vintage, greyscale, double-color, etc.


Well, hashtags are something adults do not get and minimalists could not live without. Yet somehow,
many businesses and marketers still do not use them right. For a social media platform like
Instagram, hashtags are the key to increase your visibility.

If your hashtags are too generic like #marketing #selling, expect your post to face competition from
millions of others – which makes it almost impossible for the audience to know you. Instead, you can
use a mix of trending, daily, and industry-specific hashtags to figure out the best hashtag that could
connect with your targeted followers.

Instagram marketing for business does more than you think. However, you cannot just post as many
as you want. Although Instagram allows 30 hashtags, Digifyers do not recommend you to keep a
huge number of tags under every caption as it seems unprofessional and naive.
When you search for a particular #hashtag on the search bar, Instagram also provides you with
a number of posts associated with it. Therefore, your hashtags should be of:

● 10 with less than 100k posts

● 10 with 100-500k posts

● 10 with 500-1M posts

8.Create a Brand-Specific Hashtag

You can create the #brand hashtag that speaks of what you do and who you are. These tags become
highly beneficial for contests, giveaways, submissions, and much more.

Place the brand tag in your profile as well making it visible for everyone. Also, there is no such rule as
you can have only one brand tag, you can create hashtags for a specific campaign or contests that
resonates with your brand.


Collaborating is basically when one Instagram user teams up with one ore more IG users to create
something. But, you’d have to collaborate with someone who is into the same niche/industry as you
are. We recommend you to team up with the members that have more or less the same following as
you. This way, you can also give mutual shout outs.

You can collaborate to just talk (going live together) on any topic, conduct #giveaways, anything at
all. Have a clean pitch on hand and just go ahead.

10. Post Consistently

Consistency is the key, remember? Publishing often helps your audience learn when to expect new
posts from you.

● If you have a personal account, post 1-2 times per day.

● If you are a brand page, post 3-4 times per day.

It is highly advisable to post every day rather than a sudden outburst of 10 posts at once every week.

On that note, keep in mind that quality over quantity.

11.Learn from Instagram Stats

Instagram Insights is an in-built analytics tool that provides users with data on demographics,
actions, and content performance. If you are using Instagram marketing for Business, you should use
this information to measure campaigns, compare content, and see how everything is performing in

For better results, you should experiment with posting at different times. Continue this for a week or
so to get understandable results. Focus on the best performance post and implement the same in the

12. Use Instagram Stories

We cannot stress enough the importance of Instagram stories for Business. Instagram stories enable
users to post pictures, text, or videos that automatically disappear after 24 hours from posting. You
might think why is it necessary then, well, it is important because people love IG stories.

About half of the Instagram users use Stories, i.e., 500 million people posting 1 billion stories every
day. About 62% of the people said that they visited a brand’s page after seeing it in their Stories.

● Try to post stories every 3 hours for better results.

● Include Questions, Polls, Quizzes to make it engaging

● Share every post to Story in case of users miss in the feed

● Often post about others in your stories to develop an engagement

13.Geo-Tagging your Posts and Stories

Instagram geo-tagging gives some extra exposure. Geolocations are gathered from the physical
location of your mobile device or you can even add a location that does not pop up in the search
results. Posts with a tagged location result in higher engagement.

14.Grow by Commenting

You can grow organically by engaging with other posts via comments. But when you do,

● Do not just leave a heart or one-word comments.

● Read the post clearly and add what you have got. Add real value to the conversation. Ask
questions, answer other queries in the comments, show your commitment.

● Do not just promote yourself.

● Find relevant hashtag to your niche, choose the 100 recent posts, and write at least 25
comments every hour.

When you want to grow your Instagram organically, you do not have the option to spam. The
platform for humans-to-humans. Be professional, genuine, and creative to not get blocked by
whatever reason while commenting.

15.Promote your Instagram outside Instagram

While setting up a business account on Instagram, you already integrated the associated Facebook
account to it. But, that’s not at all. To grow organically on Instagram, you would have to spread the
word about your profile as far as possible. Some of the recommended ways are:

● Make use of the cross-promotional tools that enable you to directly post from Instagram to
Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and more.

● Add your IG page link to all your E-mail signatures

● Include the IG profile in your blog and website

● Wear a t-shirt or cap something like that with your printed Instagram nametag or username.

16.Instagram Follower Counter

So, these are the tools that tell you the number of followers the users have anonymously. There are
many Instagram follower counter tools out there but Digifyers recommend Smiirl as it creates the
best counters that help you grow your engagement, visibility, gets more customers regularly.

● Shows the real number of followers of a user

● It is a little pricey but highly worth it.

● You can take the print out and display the counter at your work, bars, restaurants, receptions,
shop displays, etc.

Have you ever used an Instagram follower counter?

17.Run Instagram Ads

The absolute way to get your content visible to the target audience is via running Instagram Ads.
Advertising on Instagram is essential for business as according to Instagram, 60% of people say they
discover new products and 20% of them visit a business every single day. On that note, 33% of the
Instagram stories are posted by businesses like you.

As of now, users can run the following types of ads on Instagram:

● Photo Ads – standard photo format

● Video Ads – Just like a photo, you can promote video

● Carousel Ads – a slideshow ad which allows multiple images

● Stories Ads – You can solely run ads in stories appears on the top of the feed

● Collection Ads – a catalog ad that directs users to product offerings

Runnings ads on Instagram for business is highly beneficial as you to get target who you want. You
can define your audience based on the:

● Location: State, Country, Area, etc

● Demographics: Age, language, and gender

● Interests: Such as the topics or people they could be interested in

Reach out to us if you have any doubts regarding advertising on Instagram.

18.Engagement Groups:

If you want engagement on your Instagram, you would have to engage. Posting quality content is
great. Using the correct hashtags is excellent. But, these are not enough.

Along with responding to the comments in your post and engage with others in their comments, you
need to be an active participant in groups.

There are many groups on Instagram for you to join and engage with each others’ content, i.e., when
one of the group members publishes a post, the other members in the group engage with it by liking
and comment or even adding to their stories.

19.Video Content

Instagram gives an incredible opportunity to showcase your products or services creatively. The usual
video length is 60 seconds but with the introduction of IGTV, you can share a vide of up to 10

When it comes to Instagram for business, you can create visually appealing content such as:

● Showcase product/services with demo videos

● Post Reviews or Testimonials

● Show real-world use cases

20.Going Live

Instagram is a great tool for your marketing game. If you are familiar with the platform, you probably
know the Instagram Live feature that allows you to live stream to your followers. Your followers will
get notified the moment you go live. Once you are done, a purple circle shows around your profile to
show that you have a live story up. You can interact with them while you are on live and develop an
engaged audience.

So, what do you do on live?

● You can give a live demonstration of your product/service.

● Do a live Q&A so you can give immediate answers right there.

● Conduct live with an influencer in your niche

Upon doing these, you would be able to create

● Engagement: Going live generates 2.6x more engagement

● Visibility: A solid way to be in the frontline

● Authenticity: Creates a face-to-face experience that feels personal

21. Follow 80/20 Rule

While creating posts for Instagram or any social media platform for that matter, it is advisable to
follow the 80/20 ratio method – the golden rule of effective social media marketing.
It means that 80% of your social media posts should talk, inform, educate, entertain your audience
while 20% should directly promote your business.

Constant self-promotion becomes cheesy at best or obnoxious at worst. You should give your
audience the connection, grab their attention, build a relationship. But when you follow 80/20 rule for
content marketing, you get to have a solid framework of your audience and marketing campaigns.

22.Tag Other Accounts

Tags hold a major share in Instagram marketing. When we say tag other accounts, we mean to say
that you can tag other brands or companies’ accounts whenever necessary.

You can tag:
● In your caption

● In your photos

● Via Hashtags

● Add the company geolocation

Make sure you do not end up spamming as it is dead annoying for them and the audience as well.

23.Watermark or Add your Logo to Images

If you have the right to publish anything on your account, make sure you add a watermark or official
logo of your business. It helps you promote your Instagram profile and boost your brand recognition.
Further, it prevents others from reposting or copying your content.

24. Make Use of Instagram Highlights

One of the powerful Instagram Marketing Tips would be to use Instagram stories highlights. IG
released stories highlights back in 2017 since standard stories would disappear after 24 hours. This
highlight feature allows users to pick their favorite stories and save them with a related name so
everyone can see them at any time.

Instagram highlights have a sleek look that appears right below your bio and above your posts. You
also, get to name your Highlights in 15 characters along with your chosen thumbnail.
You can add as many photos as you want to Highlights and you can create as many highlights as you
want. This way:

● You can highlight the products/services that drive attention

● Eliminate clutter. Highlights are a perfect way to keep everything organized.

● Recap events, promotions, special days, releases, customer stories, etc.

25.Call-to-Action(CTA) buttons

Do not leave your audience in a confused state when they want to know or talk about something. Add
a mix of subtle and explicit CTA options to increase the conversions. Like,

● Asking them to visit your website by clicking on the link in your bio

● Encourage people to follow, comment, and save your post

● Write captions in a way that initiates conversation in the comments below.

26. Giveaways/Contests

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been seeing how almost every business is conducting
either contests or giveaways. You might have participated in at least one, have you?

Instagram giveaways or contests are an outstanding way of gaining brand awareness, growing the
follower count, and actively engage with your target audience. This involves a mandatory account
follow, tagging friends (who should also be following the host’s page), adding it to their stories, etc.
However, if you cannot promote it properly, odds are you won’t make it. Make sure you have an
appealing post with the captivating caption and alluring prizes. Good luck!

27.Create Content Calendar

Content creation can be a challenging and robust process depending on the amount of content you set to publish in a month. To keep it organized and strategic, Digifyers recommend you create a Content Calendar that helps you stay on schedule. In other words, plan your content, what to post, when to post, hashtags for each post, timeframe, etc.,

28 Be a Storyteller

Pictures speak louder than words and it couldn’t be any more true for a platform like Instagram. The
visual medium is important but that does not mean you should overlook captions. To increase the
engagement rate and reach masses, you should be a storyteller.

Storytelling is the best way to create experiences. When you could make people emotionally related to
your product, they are likely to purchase or at least share with their folks.

29. Work with Influencers

Something brands have been using for years with celebrities and movie stars. But now it is the time
for any scale of business with a little/no exchange of thousands of dollars. Today, we have
#instagraminfluencers for every industry out there. Instagram Influencer Marketing has become
increasingly significant as it instills trust among followers.

Based on your budget, you can collaborate with micro or macro-influencers. Contact us today to know
the best influencers in your industry and how to approach them.

30.Moment Marketing

As long as we live in a social media world, there is always something #trending. Isn’t it? Like, there is
a specific holiday or a day for an event. You can join the discussion by creating something that is
relevant to the news. There are many Instagram pages that create #marketingtrend if you want some
inspiration or templates.

31 Follow AVR Formula

AVR stands for Attention, Value, and Reliability. This is personally derived from Digifyer’s founder Mr.Vinod Kadiyala from his experience and expertise in Digital Marketing. 

A as in your content needs to grab the attention of your target audience and followers. 

V as in your content should hold value

R as in your content needs should make the audience feel relatable.

And finally…

Have you ever tried #instagrammarketing for your business? Whether you are a growing account or
want to create an account, we hope these 30 Best Instagram Marketing Tips have got your attention.
Tell me about your experiences below.

Also, a little sweet surprise for our Digifyers family. We are all set to launch our first-ever Ebook(Instagram Growth and Monetization 4.0) about Instagram  Strategies and Tips that absolutely promise you growth and real-time results.
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